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National Maritime Resource and Education Center

The Maritime Administration, as the U.S. Government’s commercial shipbuilding advocate, established the National Maritime Resource and Education Center (NMREC) to assist the U.S. shipbuilding and allied industries in improving their competitiveness in the international commercial market. NMREC is a major information source and facilitator within the Government for the maritime industry by providing expertise, information, and reference material on commercial shipbuilding.

NMREC’s focus is a continuing process to acquire and maintain marine standards information, develop and conduct conferences and workshops, and provide other information to assist the industry. NMREC’s program will adapt to meet those industry needs as they are identified. It will promote positive interaction between the industry, the Maritime Administration, and other Government agencies having an impact on maritime matters.

The Maritime Administration will serve as the focal point within Government, working closely with other Government agencies and departments, standards developers, and regulatory bodies and the marine industry to move America forward in the international commercial marketplace.

Updated: Thursday, November 1, 2018