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The N.S. SAVANNAH Document Library is provided so that members of the public may have ready access to contemporary Maritime Administration documents related to the SAVANNAH. These include our current Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license and license-basis documents; significant submittals to the NRC including recent annual reports; documents that describe the radiological conditions on the ship; and public presentation materials. Future additions to the library will include documents representing significant elements of the ship’s history.

Most of the documents found in this library collection have been rendered into a Portable Document Format (*.pdf). In some cases the document or collection of documents may be available as a download in a compressed (*.ZIP) format. If you have any problems downloading the documents in this library, please contact us at savannah@dot.gov.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission License Documents

License and Technical Specifications
The SAVANNAH has been continuously licensed by the NRC and its predecessor, the Atomic Energy Commission, since 1965. License No. NS-1 has been amended and renewed several times since its original issue: the current amendment is number 14, issued on April 3, 2008. The license will not expire; it remains in effect until terminated by the NRC.

Each nuclear power plant license is accompanied by site-specific Technical Specifications. In the case of the SAVANNAH, the Technical Specifications are Appendix A to the license. Because the SAVANNAH license does not allow MARAD to operate or dismantle the power plant without written consent of the NRC (i.e., a license amendment), the SAVANNAH Technical Specifications are almost entirely administrative in nature. Forwarding Cover LetterLicense and Technical SpecificationsSafety EvaluationAll Documents.

Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports
An application to construct a nuclear power plant is accompanied by a Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR). An application to operate a nuclear power plant is accompanied by a Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR). These safety analyses contain information that describes the facility, presents the design bases and the limits on plant operation, and presents a safety analysis of the systems, structures and components that comprise the facility as a whole. The FSAR is the principal document on which the NRC bases its decision to issue an operating license.

The Final Safety Analysis Report is updated biennially, and is referred to as the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR). The UFSAR is an updated reference document, and reflects the content of license amendments, supplements and other changes made during the preceding period. In this way, the UFSAR balances the fact that the FSAR was the principal document supporting the initial licensing of the facility, and the practical needs for licensees to make changes to systems, structures, components and programs described in the FSAR. Changes required to be incorporated into the UFSAR are defined by the NRC. Subsequent periodic updates are to ensure that the UFSAR remains current and addresses the appropriate licensing issues.

The original N.S. SAVANNAH Safety Assessment was published in five volumes between August 1960 and July 1962. Three major revisions to the Safety Assessment were issued in March 1965, March 1967, and October 1968. The ship was removed from service in July 1970 and permanently de-fueled beginning in September 1971. The Maritime Administration resumed biennial updates to the SAVANNAH FSAR beginning in 2007. The following UFSARs are available to download:

Revision VIII issued May 1st, 2015. This most recent revision incorporates changes that occurred from April 2013 through March 2015: Revision VIII

Revision VII issued May 1st, 2013. This revision incorporated changes that occurred from April 2011 through March 2013: Revision VII.

Revision VI issued May 4th, 2011. This revision incorporated changes that occurred from April 2009 through March 2011: Revision VI. (Note size is 6.9 Mb)

Revision V issued May 4th, 2009. This revision incorporated changes that occurred from April 2007 through March 2009: Revision V. (Note size is 7.7 Mb)

Revision IV issued April 20, 2007. Revision IV used the October 1968 FSAR (Revision III) as a starting point, and is a revision in whole. Content and chapter structures were retained from the previous documents for continuity. This revision includes numerous changes made from 1968 through March 2007: Revision IV.

Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report
Revisions to the NRC decommissioning regulations in 1996 introduced the Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR). The PSDAR includes a description of a licensee’s planned decommissioning activities, an estimate of the cost of those activities, and a schedule for their performance.

Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR), Revision 1: Forwarding Cover LetterPSDAR

Decommissioning Environmental Assessment
As a federal agency, the Maritime Administration is required to assess the environmental impacts of its undertakings under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), as amended.  This report was prepared for the agency in 2008 as part of its decommissioning decision-making process.  The NRC may incorporate other federal agency environmental analyses in its licensing actions.  The Maritime Administration submitted its Environmental Assessment to the NRC in 2008 for its information and use.

Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI): Forwarding Cover LetterEnvironmental AssessmentFONSI.

Facility Annual Reports
The Maritime Administration is required to submit an annual report to the NRC for the preceding calendar year, prior to March 1st. The content of the annual report is defined in the license Technical Specifications. The agency includes several other regulatory reports in its facility annual report for convenience.

Annual Report CY 2015 – dated February 29, 2016: Annual Report 2015

Annual Report CY 2014 – dated February 28, 2015: Annual Report-2014

Annual Report CY 2013 – dated February 28, 2014: Annual Report-2013

Annual Report CY 2012 – dated February 28, 2013: Annual Report-2012

Annual Report CY 2011 – dated February 28, 2012: Annual Report-2011

Annual Report CY 2010 – dated February 28, 2011: Annual Report-2010.

Annual Report CY 2009 – dated February 26, 2010: Annual Report-2009.

Annual Report CY 2008 – dated February 27, 2009: Annual Report-2008.

Annual Report CY 2007 – dated February 28, 2008: Annual Report-2007.

Decommissioning Funds Status Reports
Licensed Nuclear Power Facilities are required to report the status of their decommissioning funds to the NRC periodically, as defined in 10 CFR 50.75. The Maritime Administration is required to report annually under this regulation. Through and including Calendar Year 2008, the agency included its Decommissioning Funds Status Reports in its Annual Report. Beginning with Calendar Year 2009, the Decommissioning Funds Status Report was submitted separately..

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2015 – dated March 31, 2016: Decom Funds Status Report 2015

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2014 – dated April 23, 2015:  Decomm. Funds Status Report-2014

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2013 – dated March 31, 2014:  Decomm. Funds Status Report-2013

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2012 Rev 1 – dated June 25, 2013:  Decomm. Funds Status Report-2012 Rev 1

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2012 – dated April 1, 2013:  Decomm. Funds Status Report-2012

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2011 – dated March 30, 2012:  Decomm. Funds Status Report-2011

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2010 – dated March 31, 2011: Decomm. Funds Status Report-2010.

Decommissioning Funds Status Report CY 2009 – dated June 4, 2010: Decomm. Funds Status Report-2009.

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Letter Acknowledging Receipt of CY 2009 Funds Status Report and Request for Additional Information (RAI), dated August 2, 2010: NRC_Letter.
  • Maritime Administration Response Letter to the August 2, 2010 Nuclear Regulatory Commission RAI, dated March 9, 2011: MARAD Letter.

N.S. SAVANNAH Characterization Survey Report and Related Documents

The N.S. SAVANNAH Characterization Project was conducted from March 20, 2005 to April 25, 2005. It was a survey designed to provide the Maritime Administration with an updated profile of radiological and environmental contaminants on the ship.  Most of the sampling was concentrated in the ship’s Radiologically Controlled Areas, with some other sampling performed in public areas and other non-Radiologically Controlled Areas. The information obtained from this project enabled the agency to develop appropriate decommissioning strategies and to estimate their associated costs. A follow-on project was conducted to obtain metallurgical samples from the Neutron Shield Tank, Reactor Pressure Vessel wall, and internal thermal shields for the purpose of classifying the RPV for disposal purposes. The report of that project can be found here.

The characterization effort was implemented in accordance with a pre-established Characterization Plan that included project-specific procedures encompassing radiological aspects of the project.

WARNING: Some of the files listed in this table are Large. Please refer to the right hand column for approximate file size. You may wish to view parts of the larger files where noted.

Document Description Pages File Size
Characterization PDDP Rev 1 Characterization Survey Project Design Development Plan Pg 1-9 112 Kb
NSS Ship Condition Report N. S. SAVANNAH Condition Report at time of Characterization Survey Pg 1-4 66 Kb
Characterization Survey Report – Final (Rev. 1) Complete Characterization Report with all appendices Pg 1-735 65 Mb
Executive Summary Executive Summary Pg 4-5 85 Kb
Base Report (Rev. 1) Report without appendices Pg 1-39 4.64 Mb
Appendix A Key Personnel Biographies Pg 40-42 92 Kb
Appendix B Radiological Calculations and Calibration Pg 43-81 4.17 Mb
Appendix C (download this file or the following parts) Radiological Data Sheets Pg 82-261 15.78 Mb
Appendix C Part I   Pg 82-136 4.69 Mb
Appendix C Part II   Pg 137-197 6.01 Mb
Appendix C Part III   Pg 198-261 4.74 Mb
Appendix D Gas Free Certificates (Primary & Secondary) Pg 262 2.02 Mb
Appendix E Project Exposure Pg 263 80 Kb
Appendix F Radiation Work Permits Pg 264-290 2.59 Mb
Appendix G Summary of Operating Procedures Pg 291-292 80 Kb
Appendix H Respiratory Protection Pg 293 84 Kb
Appendix I Revised Deck-Specific Sampling Plan Pg 294-301 2.82 Mb
Appendix J (download this file or the following parts) Ship Photo Log Pg 302-572 23.54 Mb
Appendix J Part I   Pg 302-347 4.12 Mb
Appendix J Part II   Pg 348-392 3.71 Mb
Appendix J Part III   Pg 393-437 3.95 Mb
Appendix J Part IV   Pg 438-482 3.82 Mb
Appendix J Part V   Pg 483-527 3.95 Mb
Appendix J Part VI   Pg 528-572 3.54 Mb
Appendix K Asbestos Survey Field Results Pg 573-598 788 Kb
Appendix L Field Data Sheets and Results Pg 599-640 2.85 Mb
Appendix M Lead-Based Paint Survey Results Pg 641-678 3.38 Mb
Appendix N Lead-Based Paint Photo Log Pg 679-712 3.43 Mb
Appendix O Radiological Spaces Liquid Survey Results Pg 713-723 280 Kb
Appendix P SERAT Report – Radiological Sampling and Gamma Scans Pg 724-735 280 Kb
Characterization Survey Report – Final (Whole)(Rev. 1) Complete Report in one PDF File  Pg 1-735 57.8 Mb

General Information

Public Information Meeting Canton (Baltimore), Maryland, July 9, 2008. This was a briefing given to the public of Baltimore, MD following the lay berthing of the N.S. SAVANNAH at the Canton Marine Terminal: Public Meeting Presentation.

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