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Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Program

A cargo ship is unloaded at sunset.


The vision of the Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Program provide a partnership between the federal government, the Government of Guam, and the Port Authority of Guam to modernize and improve the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port for the benefit of the citizens of Guam, its stakeholders, and the surrounding region.


The mission of the Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Program is to modernize and improve stimulate economic development and provide more efficient movement of goods and services through the Port of Guam. By modernizing and expanding the existing facilities and equipment, the Port will be able to meet expected growth in established trade, encourage natural resource exports, and create employment opportunities by attracting new industry and new cargo movement.


The Maritime Administration established a partnership in 2008 with the Government of Guam and Port Authority of Guam to assist them in modernizing and expanding the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port. In establishing this program, the agency’s role will be to provide federal oversight and coordination of projects under the program, to act as a central procurement organization, leveraging federal, non-federal, and private funding resources, and streamlining the environmental review and permitting process.

The Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port is a vital asset to the economy of Guam and to the national security of the United States. The Port was originally constructed by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s and was turned over to the Government of Guam in the 1960s. Since that time, the Port has remained largely unchanged and requires substantial improvements in order to continue providing the level of service required by the community and other stakeholders. Further, the timely completion of this major infrastructure improvement program is necessary in order to provide modern and efficient transportation access to the island of Guam and to the region to meet the Department of Defense requirements for the Guam build-up.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2018